Shortly, Lottery Malaysia is one kind of the lottery. Joining in it’s quite simple and this game is a popular game. More than that, today, along with the development of the internet and the technology information, playing Malaysia Lottery becomes more and more conveniently.

Playing Our Part

Lottery proceeds help restore, enhance and protect high-quality habitat for Malaysia; fight invasive species; protect native species and improve air and water quality through the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the Natural Resources Fund, and the Game & Fish Fund.


Commitment Statement

  • By treating each person who contacts the Lottery with respect.
  • By clearly stating the guidelines and procedures for its games, second chance drawings, and other promotions.
  • By making information relating to its games, promotions, and operations readily accessible to the public.
  • By operating its games and operations in an open, transparent, and accountable manner.
  • By educating and routinely reminding lottery retailers and their employees of their obligations relating to selling lottery tickets and paying prizes to lottery players.
  • By monitoring the practices of lottery retailers to ensure compliance with lottery rules and their contractual obligations.
  • By establishing a formal consumer complaint process so that players can easily report suspicious behavior to the Lottery.
  • By treating seriously every complaint made by a lottery player regarding the Lottery’s operations or the activities of a lottery retailer by thoroughly addressing/investigating each complaint.
  • By ensuring that Lottery operations are secure so that each game is operated in a fair manner.

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